It was during the summer of ’13 that Chloë Waters cannon-balled into an industry befitting of her last name. Always the mover and shaker, she had been building up to create Gemelli since her first successful entrepreneurial venture, at just 20 years old. 

A wave of inspiration hit Chloë while holidaying in Marbella, spending her days and nights partying by the poolside. Like any fashion-conscious Gem, she wanted to own a unique look, by defining her own style. And with so much time spent in bikinis, she quickly noticed how saturated with sameness swimwear designs were! 

Chloë decided to venture beyond the boutiques and colour the world herself, creating and sourcing samples of bright and expressive bikinis. Three distinct styles, two colour combos, a makeshift website and home photoshoot later, Gemelli made its first splash into the sea of swimwear.

 Now a kaleidoscope of cocktails, music, water and bikinis, Gemelli starts the party by the poolside. Reaching Gemelli girls around the world, we believe life is more fun in company. We don’t think about tomorrow, when the sun is out today!